We've got healthy meals down cold.

Serving up the best of land & sea.

As two brothers born and raised in Maine, we wanted to create simple, healthy meals that reflect the lifestyle we love.

We are on a mission to create food that makes your life better – healthier, tastier, and easier. We start with popular entrees then hand-select each ingredient and create low-calorie entrees. Here’s to living your best life!

Our goal is to challenge ourselves and the frozen category in the supermarket; we’re determined to make the best products possible.

Our fresh take on frozen food.

Scott & Jon’s uses the latest flash-freeze technology to craft meals that lock in the best of land and sea.

Our vegetables make the quick trip from farm to freezer that captures them at their absolute nutritional peak. And our seafood takes that same speedy path, flash-frozen to remain as firm and fresh as the instant it waved goodbye to the waves. That action also locks in moisture, so there’s no need for the chemical phosphates that other brands use.

If you think this new take on frozen food sounds cool, just wait five minutes for your microwave to ding to discover how great it tastes.

There’s a reason we picked America’s favorite seafood as the star of the flavorful meals we create to support your active life. This low-calorie, high-protein food is made almost entirely of water, earning shrimp a prime place on your weekly menu.

Scott & Jon’s meals provide the taste you want—without the calories you don’t, in recipes fit for your busy life.